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Karaoke show

We can arrange KARAOKE show for all age groups! We can combine KARAOKE with our live music, or just arrange a KARAOKE show for your party.

Karaoke show – what is it?

A KARAOKE show is currently a very attractive and fashionable part of every party – a wedding reception, a birthday party, a company party – just everywhere, where people want to have fun and try their singing skills. It is similar to famous TV shows, e.g. DO-RE-MI or CARUSOSHOW.  A KARAOKE is singing the songs with a music base.

Have fun, be a famous singer for a while and sing your favourite song! Anyone can sing – children, grannies and friends, just anyone. There are many songs of many genres to find in our KARAOKE offer, just find your favourite band and singer!

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