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FANTASY Music – Live music for any event

We provide life music entertainment, fun for all the kinds of events, including wedding parties and balls.  You can enjoy not only the life music, but also a great show, vaudeville and bonuses we have prepared for you.

Life music full of energy

Our life music spices up your party and makes all the people dance! We can make fun which you will not forget! There are more than 800 songs in our repertoire; everyone can find her / his favourite songs with us!

Looking for a band for your wedding, ball, Party or company party?

Are you looking for a band for your wedding, ball or party? Or do you want to organize a company party and are you looking for a band? You need a professional band then, who can give you a wonderful live show! You are right here – it is us!

The right wedding band

Are you looking for your wedding band and do you really want to have fun for everyone? You do not have to worry, you have found us! We can make all your grannies, aunties and mums dance! Our repertoire is very wide; everyone will have fun singing and dancing with us! We can prepare KARAOKE show and wedding games as well. With us, you will not forget your wedding day!

A creative band for your ball

We are the right band for your ball; we can make a wonderful show! Our services include music, the sound system installation, a midnight surprise (imitating a Czech or world famous singer) and we make sure that you will have fun till the morning!

A perfect band for your company party

Are you organising your company party and are you looking for a professional band? Our live music is the right one! Our services include the installation of the sound system as well, so as the managers can make their speech. We will prepare a great entertainment and experience for you and you will not forget your great party!

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